10th International Conference of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka (ICULA 2019)

“Reinvigorating Libraries: Smart Responsiveness for Sustainability

With the mass generation of data, information storage and maintenance concerns have amplified the skillset defined by the term librarianship. Hence, a revitalization of knowledge is required to satisfactorily fulfil this role.

Currently, libraries are defined by the value of the information they hold as opposed to the amount of information as assessed in the past. In the sense of the value of information, the quality, timeliness, accuracy, validity, stability, and accessibility are only a few features to name some. Hence, libraries are faced with the challenge to present information that has quality over quantity. Users approach libraries with specific requirements rather than a general-purpose. In the case of the unavailability of their required materials, users tend to leave the premise instead of garnering contents from alternative resources in that library. So, in order to retain readers and render useful services, it is the prime duty of the professional librarians to accumulate a vivid knowledge on their reader base, the target’s requisites and upgrade the quality of not only the information content but also the library premise that serves as a platform of information for self-directed learning.

With the above understanding of the need for enhancement in the field of librarianship, the University Librarians’ Association of Sri Lanka organized an International Conference on “Reinvigorating Libraries: Smart Responsiveness for Sustainability” on 18th September 2019 at the Mount Lavinia Hotel, Colombo.